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Complete supplier data management

Comprehensive profiles for each supplier, containing contact information, company details, products/services offered, and certifications

Document Repository

Centralized storage for supplier-related documents such as contracts, agreements, certificates, and compliance records

Compliance Management

Track and ensures suppliers adhere to relevant industry regulations, standards, and certifications.

Supply Chain Platform

Supplier Compliance 0
Efficient Approvals 0
Supplier Diversity Management 0
Analytics 0
Automated email alerts receive timely notifications.
Notifications and Alerts
Optimize approval workflows, document reviews, and other supplier-related tasks
Automated Workflow
Native deep integration with SAP ERP/S4
Pre-built integration with SAP

Supplier Data Management

Suppliers can submit various types of invoices directly from the portal. And the system will route them to appropriate personnel for review/approval and eventually to AP team – thus eliminating the need for AP to hand-hold the issue resolution.


The procurement and AP team give clear analytics of the invoice and vendor management processes.

Vendor Dashboard

Invoice Dashboard

Compliance Dashboard

Logistics Dashboard

Business Rules

An Invoice exception occurs when the information on an invoice does not match the information on a purchase order. This could be something as small as a wrong zip code or as large as incorrect pricing.

Duplicate invoice

Invoice too old

Price variance

Quantity variance

Reduce approval cycles

No more waiting for approvers for a long to be back in the office to approve.

Minimize exceptions

By applying business rules up front reduce exceptions down stream

Reporting and visibility

Business users have clear visibility into all reports for efficient operations

Cleaner Vendor Master Data

Enables you to keep Vendor Master data up to date

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